BjörnÖlf is a Norseman, known to most as a ‘Viking’. A well travelled Storyteller and an expert in training young Vikings or Anglo-Saxons in the ways of the Warrior or Shield Maiden.

So get your imaginations, shields and voices at the ready. The Vikings are coming and BjörnÖlf is here to tell you their tales and teach you their ways.

Interactive storytelling performances and workshops based on Viking and Anglo-Saxon history and mythology.

Sessions can include:


  • Stories of famous gods like Thor, Freya, Loki and Odin.
  • Local tales told from BjörnÖlf’s Viking perspective.

Warriors and Wares

  • Viking Warrior workshop with tests of strength, speed and teamwork.
  • Q & A session including BjörnÖlf sharing his possessions, tools and knowledge.

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