Hello. My name is Tom Barry, I am a Storyteller, Viking and Creative Explorer (Workshop Facilitator).

I have combined my backgrounds in Theatre, Living History and Education to create a compendium of Storytelling Performances and Workshops for a range of age groups.

What do I offer:

Entertaining, informal and interactive performances of folk stories from the UK and across the world.

Performances, workshops, or both

Storytelling performance for 15 – 30 minutes followed by a storytelling workshop where audience members get to create their very own stories. One whole slot can be up to 60 minutes.

When and Where:

I can perform individual or groups of stories in all sorts of venues or spaces. I have worked in all sorts of locations, so if it’s simple, quirky or downright odd, then that is fine with me. These stories can be at regular intervals over a longer event like a festival or can be an extended one-off show.

What kind of stories:

I have found the most wonderful stories while exploring local folk culture. Tales of Dragons, Tigers or Condors as well as Farmers, Explorers or Giants exist in all corners of the world. I use these alongside the popular tales like ‘The Red Shoes’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ or ‘The Three Bears’.

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Please feel free to Make Contact or visit my Blog.