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Welcome to my website. I have worked as a performer and facilitator for many years in community and commercial settings and events. This site and my social media pages will give an insight into the many different things I do.

*Please note: This website has content but is also under construction.*

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I am always happy to answer enquiries or discuss my work and approach. Please feel free to get in touch.


For centuries Tellers have stood in front of groups and crowds and told tales both old and new. I saw a Storyteller in the ruins of an old castle many years ago telling about dragons and wandering heroes.

My performances follow these influences to create informal and flexible experiences using new or traditional tales indoor, outdoor or wherever the people can be gathered.


Creating stories, scripts or poetry from research or workshops with participants.

I can create original material, themes or prompts or use those already developed and help to expand, edit or bridge the spaces in between.


Creativity can happen in any space at any moment. By creating a space that is informal, safe and respectful; people, their creativity and stories can grow and flourish.

I have been running workshops with all age ranges including teenagers, toddlers, older adults, graduates and primary ages.

These began with drama, acting and physical theatre skills and have developed over the years to include storytelling, wellbeing, writing and crafts.

Podcasts & Audio Work

An early fascination with technology and my career as a Storyteller have merged in recent years. My first podcast episodes were part of Wild Wonder, turning common sights from outdoors into folk tales.

Then came helping a community group in lockdown to create their own podcast sketch show. This lead to turning one of their stage productions into a full radio play.

I am now working with an experienced artist to turn his life story into a book and podcast. My wish is to produce more mini series’ with others from the communities I am connected to.

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About Me

I am Tom. Born in Cheshire and I have lived in Manchester, London, Sheffield, New Zealand and now in Warrington.

I stumbled through the education system, discovering a passion for performance and art along the way. Eventually I got into drama school, LAMDA & then MMU School of Theatre. I have been privileged to be taught by some wonderful practitioners from all over the world and have been able to share my experience through workshops, classes and as a director.

I am a proud founder and director of Story Stitchers, aiming to help people in a wide variety of settings to tell their stories and benefit from hearing others tell theirs.

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