About Tom

Recently I have been:  Working as a Viking, Farmer or Spooky Storyteller at Tatton Park, a Facilitator at a Wood School and have been happily popping up at festivals and libraries for Storytelling adventures as part of Story Scientists:  Professors Nook & Cranny.

I have worked and trained in the theatre for many years, on stage and off, for others and with others.

This work includes shows taken to the Edinburgh Fringe and venues across the country.
Travelling the world, invading a provincial theatre for a season or two, having children, getting married, working in residential care and in education and being paid to tell stories, have helped me to face the fears and enjoy the challenges that life enjoys dishing out.

Professional background and experience (in a nutshell)

Extensive work and experience with children and young people in the arts, care and education systems and as a Father.

Acting and Performance training in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Poland.

Drama Facilitator.

Theatre Director.

Multiple discipline live performer.

Martial Arts (Karate & Capoeira).

Acrobatics, Acro-Balance and Fire Performances and Training.


If you would like to email me for more information please do:


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