Fresh, Organic and Free Range food for thought

Italian adventures via goats, honey and young people Some projects that you go into as a freelance practitioner are approached with a large degree of the unknown. In fact maybe most are. I must say I have never realised how much I take speaking the same language for granted. Usually the participants not only respondContinue reading “Fresh, Organic and Free Range food for thought”

Mid-Cheshire’s Midsummer Extravaganza!!

The dynamic, diverse & international festival season. By rivers, historical buildings and beautiful scenery. And that’s just in Winsford & Middlewich! It says so much when BBC Radio DJ Mark Radcliffe gives his endorsement for the Folk & Boat Festival in Middlewich one month & is then on the box presenting coverage live at Glastonbury.Continue reading “Mid-Cheshire’s Midsummer Extravaganza!!”

A fantastical journey into the community

Physical Folk. A fantastical journey into the community via Shakespeare and the 1970s. INTRODUCTION Over the last three months I directed Physical Folk’s production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Davenham Players’ Theatre. The show was a huge success and was also preceded by nearly two years of shows, workshops, networking and research in theContinue reading “A fantastical journey into the community”