My Secret Sabbatical

My Secret/Accidental Sabbatical. Or the busiest and most productive year of my life. At the age of 16 I stumbled on acting and theatre at college, almost overnight I knew I’d found my career path. Over the preceding 14 years I finished college, delved into the local theatre scene, attended two drama schools and foundedContinue reading “My Secret Sabbatical”

Fresh, Organic and Free Range food for thought

Italian adventures via goats, honey and young people Some projects that you go into as a freelance practitioner are approached with a large degree of the unknown. In fact maybe most are. I must say I have never realised how much I take speaking the same language for granted. Usually the participants not only respondContinue reading “Fresh, Organic and Free Range food for thought”

Mid-Cheshire’s Midsummer Extravaganza!!

The dynamic, diverse & international festival season. By rivers, historical buildings and beautiful scenery. And that’s just in Winsford & Middlewich! It says so much when BBC Radio DJ Mark Radcliffe gives his endorsement for the Folk & Boat Festival in Middlewich one month & is then on the box presenting coverage live at Glastonbury.Continue reading “Mid-Cheshire’s Midsummer Extravaganza!!”

A fantastical journey into the community

Physical Folk. A fantastical journey into the community via Shakespeare and the 1970s. INTRODUCTION Over the last three months I directed Physical Folk’s production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Davenham Players’ Theatre. The show was a huge success and was also preceded by nearly two years of shows, workshops, networking and research in theContinue reading “A fantastical journey into the community”