A re-balanced education?

For this academic year I am currently placed with Primary School aged children either in a non-traditional school setting or guilding them into out of school excursions through history. As well as my own children at home and nursery. I have many thoughts swirling through my mind as I experience some familiar challenges and someContinue reading “A re-balanced education?”

Daily, Small & Local = BIG!!

The Joy of ‘Local’ Some thoughts on daily ‘tweaks’ while #TheBiggerPicture is being shifted. With great responsibility comes the need to get the very most out of what you put in. As a parent of two very active little ones and sharing the roles of primary carer and bread-winner (although barely sharing that role someContinue reading “Daily, Small & Local = BIG!!”

This door is where…

This is a secret doorway for the Monsters. Next to it is a doorway made for Fairies. They open their doors and make their way to the library where they go to storytime.  Then they come back and they fly around to the ceiling and in the kitchen. Then they have porridge pancakes for breakfast.Continue reading “This door is where…”